Personal development


We offer a wide range of courses designed to boost your confidence and self esteem, as well as develop your skills in order reach your own personal goals. Taking the first step to learn a new skill, develop your knowledge or increase your confidence can be scary. We pride ourselves on helping you reach your goals in a supportive and friendly environment, tailoring course content to suit you and providing on-going support to ensure the best result.

We offer the following courses and workshops and cover all of Cornwall. If there is a new skill you would like to learn which is not mentioned here, please contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Confidence and Assertiveness

All workshops are designed to be fun, practical and interactive sessions. Rather than the tutor standing at the front of the room and telling you what to do, we believe in learning from experiences, sharing ideas and listening to individual opinions, frustrations, challenges and motivations. Hopefully you will leave the session armed with confidence and  feel comfortable using your own style to handle any situation.

What is this workshop about?

The Confidence and assertiveness workshop provides practical advice and helpful techniques to boost confidence and become more assertive, whether this is in the workplace or just in daily life.

The workshop will give you the opportunity to share ideas and experiences in a supportive environment, and learn helpful strategies to reach your own goals.

The content can be tailor made to suit individual/group requirements to ensure you get the most out of the workshop and go away feeling you have developed techniques which you can apply to any situation.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who feels they need to improve their confidence, communication skills or assertiveness whether this is within the workplace or in everyday life.

Where can I find more information?

More information and an outline of this workshop can be found on the Confidence and Assertiveness course page.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

What is this workshop about?

Do you struggle with self confidence or have low self esteem? This workshop will provide practical advice and helpful techniques to help individuals boost their confidence and control their own wellbeing.

The workshop focuses on how to break negative thought patterns by looking at various behavior styles, identifying individual behavior styles and the associated strengths and weaknesses. It will also provide helpful techniques to practice in everyday life and assist continuing development  in order to increase levels of self worth, self image and individual values and opinions.

Who is this workshop for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to enhance their own self confidence, boost self-esteem and learn effective techniques to help lead a happy life. The course is suitable for individuals or groups, those within the workplace or those who just want to enjoy life without anxiety, negative thoughts or feelings of self doubt and self worth clouding their potential to reach their own goals.

Where can I find more information?

More information and an outline of this workshop can be found on the Confidence and Self-Esteem course page.

Writing your CV

We can offer assistance on writing your CV, covering letter and personal statement helping you to maximise your skills and experience in order to stand out to potential employers. We can help you to type, edit and format your CV using basic computer skills to ensure the best layout. We can also help you to upload your CV to jobsites, learn how to attach it to an email and save it for future use.

More information can be found on the Writing your CV course page.

How to succeed in an interview

We can help you prepare for that all important interview, providing information and advice on carrying out relevant research, how to answer frequently asked questions, commonly asked questions, preparing for telephone, video and face to face interviews, preparing for tests, making a good first impression and much more.

More information can be found on the How to succeed in an interview course page.