Embracing Change

This workshop includes the content listed below, however, all courses can be tailored to suit individual requirements/business needs and can be adjusted as necessary. Workshops may be tailored on the day to suit the delegate needs. Please see the business skills page for a general overview of the courses available.

 Course outline

This workshop is designed for anyone going through a period of change whether at work or within his or her personal life. Often we have no control over changes in our lives making accepting change that much harder. Using a variety of techniques, the workshop will explore how we can embrace change and make it a positive experience. 


  • Aims of the workshop and learning outcomes
  • Group discussion about our understanding of what change is

 Topics covered

  • What is change?
  • The different stages of change
  • Our first response to change and the affects this can have on ourselves and others, our wellbeing and performance
  • Managing our response to change
  • Circle of influence – differentiating between the things you can influence and the things you cannot
  • Practical techniques – Letting go of what we are unable to influence
  • Developing coping strategies
  • Taking a positive approach
  • Your role in the change process
  • Coping with stress
  • The importance of perspective


By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify what the word change means to you
  • Recognize the different stages of change
  • Recognize and understand your response to change and the effect this has on your wellbeing
  • Differentiate between things you can influence and things you cannot and learnt to let go of the things you cannot influence
  • Learn how you can support others through change
  • Change any negative perceptions of change into positive ones
  • Understand different coping strategies to deal with stress
  • Develop your own action plan to take away for continual future development