Computers for Beginners

We offer various Computer courses for the complete beginner. These can be tailored to suit you and your requirements. If you have never used a computer before, if you have very little experience or if you would just like a refresher then please get in contact. Once you get started you won’t look back and we promise your confidence will grow!

We can offer various computers for beginners courses, including, short courses, weekly sessions, one off’s, weekend sessions, evenings sessions, group sessions, one to one sessions, tutorials and much more. We will endeavour to meet your specific requirements.

Please look at Computer courses for a general overview of courses available.

Here are some examples of courses we offer for the beginner, however, we can tailor a workshop to suit you and your requirements.

Computer basics

  • Switching on your computer
  • Using a mouse
  • Using a keyboard
  • Desktop and icons
  • Using a laptop
  • What is a trackpad?
  • Using a trackpad
  • Single clicking/double clicking
  • jargon buster!

Using the internet

  • What is the internet?
  • How can it help you?
  • Searching the internet
  • Staying safe online
  • Online shopping
  • Online Banking

Using Email

  • What is email?
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Archiving emails

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Pintrest
  • You Tube
  • LinkedIn