Business Skills Workshops




We offer a wide range of business skills training workshops. They are suitable for all levels of ability from the absolute beginner to the more advanced. We cover the whole of Cornwall and can deliver any course to businesses, large or small groups or individually.

All workshops are designed to be fun, practical and interactive sessions. Rather than the tutor standing at the front of the room and telling you what to do, we believe in learning from experiences, sharing ideas and listening to individual opinions, frustrations, challenges and motivations. Hopefully you will leave the session armed with confidence and  feel comfortable using your own style to handle any situation.

Workshops include:

Time Management

In todays fast paced world it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the constant demands placed upon us. This workshop will help identify what these demands are, how to plan, prioritise and manage them effectively, how to reduce stress and gain control.

Embracing Change

This workshop is designed for anyone going through a period of change whether at work or within his or her personal life. Often we have no control over changes in our lives making accepting change that much harder. Using a variety of techniques, the workshop will explore how we can embrace change and make it a positive experience.

Customer Service

Learn the core principles of delivering a good customer service. We will look at  identifying the needs of the customer, handling difficult situations, the importance of first impressions and communication techniques.

Presentation skills

This workshop will provide you with helpful tips, hints and techniques to deliver a successful presentation. The course will include, speaking and listening skills, eye contact, the importance of rehearsing, preparation and structure, channeling nervous energy, and using visual aids.

Communication Skills

Equipping you with helpful techniques to become a more effective communicator, this workshop will include speaking and listening skills, telephone skills, body language and how to present yourself as well as the opportunity to develop an action plan based on your individual abilities to allow you to become a better communicator.

Public Speaking

This workshop will provide you with effective strategies to build your confidence and improve your public speaking. You will look at various helpful topics including knowing your material, the importance of practice, audience interaction, building your confidence, positive thinking, body language and speaking skills.

Managing Conflict – Dealing with difficult situations

We will consider the various signs and possible causes of conflict, as well as various conflict styles, and  techniques to help manage this effectively.